Online: $5 General Admission

Day Of: $10 General Admission

Kids Under 12 Free!

For More Info & To Buy Tickets: WWW.FTFOFAMERICA.COM

Special Early Entry VIP Hour: 11am-Noon: $25

VIP Tickets:

For those foodies out there who just can't wait to start snacking, we've got a ticket for you! There will be a special VIP ticket which includes: - Unlimited bottled water - One free dessert from our VIP Truck - $1 off beer purchases, all day - EARLY ENTRY! That's right, you get access to all the food trucks and craft beer during our VIP HOUR (11am-12pm). - VIP Tickets are limited so you won't have to deal with those pesky lines for a whole hour (think of how much you can eat!) $25 Online. Buy your VIP ticket by CLICKING HERE

Keep listening for your chance at winning tickets to The 4th Annual Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival!